Who are we?

A company that covers everything related to creation!

Yes, you read well, we cover everything related to creation. At first we started with our Facebook and Linkedin pages,  but then we expanded on the web space for closer contact with customers from all over the world. For the first time we met with graphic design, web design and multimedia 4 years ago and we knew that we will be good friends! 🙂 What we have learned so far is that when you combine talent, persistence, vision, perfectionism, creativity and curiosity , then we get a wonderful creation.When we combine all the branches we cover, then you get great results, amazing creations and perfect functionality!

We work with: Adobe (Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Lightroom CC, Premiere PRO CC, After Effects CC,
Encore CC, Audition CC) Sony Vegas pro 13 , Gimp,  WordPress And many other softwares and platforms.

Click bellow to see our offerings:

  • Creating all kind of professional images
  • Processing and editing any kind of images, no matter what format they are
  • All kind of image manipulation
  • Creating diplomas, certificates, or any kind of document
  • Creating custom graphics for web pages, commercials, social networks etc
  • Retouching old or new images
  • Colorizing or repairing old (black and white) or damaged photos
  • Creating banners, commercial posters, flyers, etc
  • Model retouching and correction on model details
  • Creating business brochures, catalogs or professional price catalog
  • Creating professional custom logos
  • Creating professional well designed business cards
  • Creating membership cards
  • Creating offer cards
  • Birthday invitations
  • Creating Book cover designs
  • Creating Book page designs
  • Designing Letter heads
  • Designing Envelopes
  • Designing Web page templates and mockups
  • Designing Package designs
  • Designing Magazine designs
  • Designing Pamphlet designs
  • Background image remove
  • Designing Infography

  IMPORTANT ( We create many other types of designs that  we dont have them in our offer)

  • Professional webpages for companies (with beautiful graphic,animations, transitions, galery
    with the products offered by the company).
  • Webpages with certain custom functionalities
  • Webpages for sharing news or any type of content
  • Personal blogs or portfolio webpages
  • Webpages for selling products witn online shop (WooCommerce or Shopify)
  • Auction webpages
  • School or faculty web pages

  IMPORTANT ( We create many other types of web pages that  we dont have them in our offer)

Finished projects
46 Web pages
Over 60 Logos
31 Banners
90+ Image corrections
80 + Other graphic design projects
50+ Videos
Perfect creation of a project makes our customers happy and confident, and when our customers are satisfied then we are overjoyed! When we combine talent, persistence, vision, perfectionism, creativity, and curiosity, then a perfect creation happens.
Aleksandar Kitanovski CEO of [A] Graphic Studio
Aleksandar Kitanovski
SEO / Head designer and creator / Digital marketing specialist

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